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Aid Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
Legal Definition of aid Entry 2 of 2. 1: an act of aiding render aid to the principal. 2: help given especially: tangible means of assistance as money or supplies aid to the disabled giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
Aid - Wikipedia.
The provision of emergency humanitarian aid consists of the provision of vital services such as food aid to prevent starvation by aid agencies, and the provision of funding or in-kind services like logistics or transport, usually through aid agencies or the government of the affected country.
aid - Wiktionary.
countable Alternative form of aide an aide-de-camp. Robert Michael Wills, They Came from the Drain page 206 Suddenly, the general's' aid entered the room and walked in a straight line, coming to a halt in front of the desk, standing at attention, waiting for the general to recognize him, allowing the aid to speak.
Aid Global-development The Guardian.
'My' children cry with hunger: refugees denied UN aid rations at Malawi camp. Global overseas aid climbs to all-time high, rising 4.4 in real terms - OECD. Concern expressed that figures count Covid vaccines as aid, while Britain is among EU countries accused of 'gutting' contributions.

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